At Elcano Capital we welcome a wide range of investors that have come to realise the benefits of providing franchise funding.

Only the franchise model makes it possible to mitigate many of the traditional SME debt risks because a well chosen franchise system has a tested business model, and inclusion of the franchisor alleviates many default risks.

And yet banks have not traditionally been able to fully embrace franchise sector lending because of SME debt lending limitations.  The Elcano Group has developed the Hybrid Capital Model to harness as much of this risk mitigation potential as possible, while not decreasing investor returns.

Sophisticated or Professional Investors Only

Our funds are only made available to those parties who qualify under the ITAA 1997 section 118-420 definition of “eligible venture capital partners” and under the Corporations Act 2001 definition of a “Sophisticated investor” (section 708(8)), or a “Professional investor” (section 708(11)). For investments of less than $500,000 we will need written confirmation of your status as a “Sophisticated investor” or a “Professional investor”, as applicable, prior to accepting your application to invest.

Before deciding whether the investment is appropriate for them every Investor should read the applicable Information Memorandum in full. Each Information Memorandum has been prepared by Elcano Pty Ltd, as the General Partner of Elcano Capital LP, the Management Partnership of the respective fund, as an excluded offer or invitation which does not require a prospectus or a disclosure document under Chapter 6D of the Corporations Act 2001. Each Information Memorandum is not, nor is it required to be lodged or registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission because it is not a prospectus or product disclosure statement.

An Information Memorandum will only be provided to genuine investors or their representatives.

Income Tax Benefits and treatment of the Fund's investments.

To ensure international competitiveness, attract foreign investment in Australian innovation and increase venture capital investment activity the Australian Government provided certain tax incentives. The benefits generally available are as follows – however we recommend you obtain independent advice in regards to your personal situation before making any decision to invest:

Venture Capital Limited Partnership (VCLP) investments:

Foreign Limited partners (investors) that are exempt from tax in their country of residence qualify for the capital gains tax exemption.  The exemption is also available to foreign investors that own no more than 10 per cent of a VCLP.

Detailed information can be found on the Australian Taxation Office website as well as the AusIndustry website. We recommend you obtain independent advice in regard to your personal, business or superannuation situation before making any decision to invest.

Available Unit Classes


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