Elcano Capital wishes to be more than just a provider of capital for good franchisees. Our aim is to deliver value-add benefits to our investees as not only a way to mitigate our investment risks, but as a way of ensuring those same franchisees are successful enough to come back to us as they are expanding their franchise empire in years to come.

At Elcano Capital our selection criteria is about more than just the investment fundamentals. We wish to work with people that we like, respect and trust, similarly we expect that anyone receiving funding from us needs to feel the same way.

As such, where it is economically viable to do so, we strive to provide as much assistance as possible to all potential investees to assist them in whatever way is available to us.

Here in Franchisee Resources you will find some of the means by which we will deliver other benefits to you, even if you are not an Elcano Capital investee.

Please have a look, see what is useful or not and if you have ideas don't hesitate to let the Elcano team know as the chances are other entrepreneurs might also benefit from those ideas.